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MedinyX provides comprehensive and robust restaurant software with features that handles all your day-to-day restaurant requirements and helps in making order entry easier, making your customers satisfied and happier with your well-structured and well-managed restaurant business. With the help of MedinyX’s restaurant inventory management software, it is made easy to manage all the inventories which may be located at various places and keep track of all items in real time, hence allowing you to never be short of any important item. The restaurant inventory management software not only avoids the need of manual checks and updates but also prevents losses and inaccuracies. Being a simple restaurant management software and system, it provides an easy to use and time saving platform to manage all transactions, recipes, table layouts & guest seating, hence generating higher revenues. These features give the restaurant software a functionality that is at par with some of the best restaurant management software. The Restaurant Management system is a totally web-based application and has modules for:
  • Accounting Management
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Customer Database
  • Inventory Management
  • Kitchen Management
  • Reservations Management

Easily and efficiently, manage your food and beverage services, pricing, billings, inventories and your branch operations with the insightful reporting of one of the best restaurant management software and ensure better revenues and satisfied customers.

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