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MTALK-International Prepaid Sim Card

The MTalk International SIM card will save you up to 90% on your roaming across 200+ countries. Now Impress your guests at hotels, by offering MTalk and make them happy by Enjoying free data and share wonderful moments with their family and friends freely. For your frequent traveler you can also offer a MTalk Permanent number at minimal cost.

MTalk Sim helps your customers to enjoy the best quality networks of the country they are travelling to at the most economical tariffs. It not only saves the hassle of hunting for a mobile connection on arrival in that country but also the pain of carrying multiple SIM cards when travelling to more than one country.

Experience clear quality calls and excellent services of M-TALK with our secure networks. Our top priority is network performance and call quality. With communications located all around the world, we are able to provide quality long distance service at a fraction of the cost. The M-Calling Card is available in a range of denominations to suit your individual guests calling needs & budget. We sell the most reliable and dependable cards to their customers on tier one carriers, providing 100% Guarantee on all cards.

Medinyx MPAD for hotels

Hotel Check-in SIM Card Features

  • 3G SIM issued with the IMSI of various of the world's largest mobile operators
  • One SIM for mobile roaming voice calls in 600+ mobile networks of 200+ countries
  • Lowest costs & greatest savings on all mobile roaming calls
  • Premium high quality service
  • Free of charge when receiving incoming calls in more than 50 countries
  • High speed mobile roaming data service connection to Internet with savings up to 90%
  • No charge on receiving SMS & Save up to 85% on every call

Exclusive RENTED Deals for the Hotels!

M-TALK with its services to assist your Hotels and Boutique. Get M-PAD on rent, for months or years.
Then make the M-TALK a Permanent Extended Arm for your Hotels and Boutique

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