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Self-Service Hotel Kiosks

Numerous hotels today are attempting to lower expenses, distinguish new income streams and enhance customer loyalty. These check-in difficulties are getting increasingly hard to overcome as customers tend to determine how they wish to interact and to whom, as well as demand control over their personal routines.

MEDINYX SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS is a well known provider of self-service solutions arrangements across different businesses and industries. MedinyX looks carefully at customer conduct and applies the best practices from retail, money related, travel and other fields to help and guide your self-service hotel kiosk system with hotel software. Change customer interactions and experience with the best hotel management software.

Enhanced customer service, reduced staffing costs and better utilization of hotel resources are just some of the hotel benefits obtained by successfully implementing self-service hotel kiosks blended with best hotel management software. Many customers are already accustomed to using self-service alternatives for airline check-in, rental cars and supermarket check-out. Today, customers are demanding the same convenience and ease of use from the hotel check-in process to the check-out; a system that will feed them with all the details of the billing and the services availed by them on the hotel software.

hotel software

Fast and easy hotel check-in

  • With hotel kiosk, customer can avail a variety of amenities at their fingertips.
  • It helps hotels handle other challenges, such as up-selling and redirecting personnel to interact more with guests.
  • Self-service not only automates routine tasks, but it also offers upgrades, amenities and in-house service choices.
  • Enhanced customer services, reduced staffing costs and better utilization of hotel resources

Unattended hotel check-in kiosk components

Your clients can check-in to your hotel quickly and easily and can gain the assistance of best hotel management software. Grant your clients maximum privacy as they don't need to speak nor interact with any employee if they don`t want to. Increase hotel staff efficiency and employee availability with hotel software and self service hotel kiosk. The check-in process is intuitive, simple and fast:
  • Clients insert ID card or passport in the scanner.
  • The kiosk checks reservation and room key issues.
  • Kiosks are custom designed for each deployment
  • Touch screen: clients interact intuitively with the system
  • Passport or ID card scanner: clients insert document and data is captured automatically. Fully compatible with last generation electronic documents.
  • Key-card dispenser: contact-free card dispenser (RFID). VIP cards, promotion cards... allowed.
  • Intercom: clients can talk with reception desk if needed
  • Credit card reader, note and coin validators, etc.: any option is possible.
  • Self-service can boost guest satisfaction and hotel efficiencies when deployed well
  • Self-service can help hotels deliver that service efficiently, accurately and with high customer satisfaction.
  • Hotel guests now have a choice whether they want to visit the front desk or use the kiosk to expedite their arrival and departure.
  • The kiosks functionality at the hotel gets more robust and guests become more familiar with them, staff presence at the kiosks can be gradually reduced
best hotel management software
hotel software

Improve Customer Service & Employees Cost Saving

The M-Kiosk reduces manpower as it is Accurate, Fast and Reliable too. This cost cutting will ultimately results in profits and fastens the revenue.
  • Shorten lines at key times, especially for those guests that are in a hurry.
  • Help business travelers do what they want, when they want.
  • Free staff up for those who really demand the caring service and human touch of hotel staff.
  • Staff presence at the kiosks can be gradually reduced and diverted to service points which require greater personal interaction

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